Glens Falls Area Youth Center offers a variety of recreation, programs and services for local teens.

This year by the numbers (2017):

  • Cared for 2,323 youngsters
  • 19,791 visits made to the center
  • 14,607 meals served
  • 12,103 recreation participants
  • Tutored 628 youngsters
  • $4,000 given in college scholarships

Tournaments – Contests include: athletic events, pool, ping pong, air hockey, foosball, checkers, chess, shuffleboard, dominoes, etc. Winter and Summer Olympics give our participants a chance to win medals (1st, 2nd & 3rd places) every night during the months of January and August.

Activity Nights – Arts & Crafts sponsored once a week so everyone can show off their creative talents.

Movies – Currently released films with G or PG ratings are shown once a week at the Center.

Athletics – Leagues, Tournaments, and pick-up games in basketball, volleyball, dodgeball and football, as well as weight training and aerobic instruction.

Youth Services Programs

Food Fun – Meals are served Monday thru Friday at approximately 5:00 pm.

Counseling/Referrals – Informal counseling on a variety of topics including: drugs, alcohol, suicide, sexual abuse, homelessness, domestic violence, AIDS, sexual promiscuity, personal hygiene and more. Referrals are made to agencies which can assist our youngsters with any of their problems.
Jobs Program – Assists young people with job seeking and keeping skills. Placements and follow-up checks are made to ensure the successful completion of any job.

Speakers Bureau – A variety of topics are presented by professionals, dealing with pertinent teenage issues.

Community Involvement – A merit program where our youngsters receive recognition and a small token of appreciation for volunteering their time to help at the Youth Center and those in need in the Greater Glens Falls region.

Tutoring – On an as-needed basis is provided to youngsters requiring academic assistance. Computers are also available to assist in this program.

Summer Connection Camp – A reading, math, recreation program designed for those successfully completing 4th grade.  It is held in cooperation with Big Cross and the Glens Falls Middle Schools.   Aids students  in the transition to the junior high.

For more information, including daily updates, please visit our Facebook page @ Glens Falls Area Youth Center